Tompkins Square – Imaginational Anthem Vol. 7

The Fader

“Tompkins Square’s label-defining, genre-defining series of solo guitar music, Imaginational Anthem, turns 10 this year. According to label founder Josh Rosenthal, that anniversary adds an important footnote to their latest installment, which was compiled by the fantastic young guitarist Hayden Pedigo: Pedigo was just 10 years old when Volume 1 came out, Rosenthal points out. That’s a good sign, he says: “The acoustic guitar hasn’t run out of ideas yet.”

It hasn’t settled on a single home, either. The roster for Volume 7 crisscrosses the globe: there’s Slowdive’s Simon Scott, the Maltese artist M. Mucci, Minneapolis’ Christoph Bruhn, Argentina’s Mariano Rodriguez, and Dylan Golden Aycock from Oklahoma. That’s an impressive spread, and it reflects a cohesive understanding of the state of the acoustic guitar…”

Due out February 2015.